Patients Reviews

Jasmine was very attentive and listened to my medical needs

Robert S. | Nov 30, 2023
They are always friendly and ready to address any issue you may have, because I'm a maintenance person in regards to my pain they treat my pain as a priority, Dr Jasmine Barksdale Team is very efficient and thorough. They make my visit stress free! I'm not waiting hours to be seen. Give them all kudos. Wish all medical staff, can take some cues from them. Kindness and concern along with confidence goes a long way.

Marcel M. | Nov 28, 2023
Amazing, amazing experience! Always professional and compassionate!

Michelle H. | Nov 23, 2023
Very little wait time. I entered the office and registered and sat down for approximately 4 minutes and was called back. Then Jasmine was in the examination room almost immediately. Jasmine is very attentive to my needs and listens to what I say and is willing to work with me to decrease my pain . I have had only very good interactions with both the office Staff and Jasmine and would highly recommend this office for care.

Shirley (FEDWC) H. | Nov 22, 2023
Always a pleasant, professional experience. All of the office staff are helpful and knowledgeable.

Daniel S. | Nov 20, 2023
Easy Check In within 5 to 10 minutes not a long wait for your appointment time. The P.A. is efficient lessons. Asked all the right questions. The place is clean. I have no issues

Joeli M. | Nov 16, 2023
Jasmine does a great job. Very thorough, listens to all my questions.

Daniel S. | Nov 07, 2023
I like that she listened and tried to come up with my pain issues without adding medication. She also treats the whole patient..she knows what has been put in place in my home by my sons to make it safe and she is aware of my garden that adds to my pain .She has taken the time to know me.

Bonnie K. | Nov 01, 2023