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Osteoporosis services offered in Newark and Milford, DE

More than 44 million Americans are at risk for bone fractures and mobility issues because of osteoporosis. At Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain, the pain management specialists offer bone density screenings for osteoporosis on-site. They also create treatment plans using lifestyle changes and medications to slow down the progression of bone loss, so you can remain physically active. To schedule an osteoporosis evaluation, call the office in Newark or Milford, Delaware, today, or book an appointment online. 

Q & A

What is osteoporosis?

Healthy bone constantly breaks down, and your body produces new tissue to replace it. When you have osteoporosis, the creation of new bone can’t keep up with what’s breaking down.

Your body slows down its production of new bone in your 20s. By the time you reach your 30s, you reach your maximum bone mass. Your bone mass and how fast you lose it after that depends on your:

  • Age
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Family history
  • Ethnic background
  • Body frame size
  • Hormone levels
  • Underlying medical conditions

Women are at an increased risk for developing osteoporosis over men.

The complications of osteoporosis include brittle, weak bones that can fracture, even with minor injuries. Fractures can occur in any of your bones but are common in your hips and spine. These fractures can be painful and ultimately cause a disability.

When should I seek treatment for osteoporosis?

In the early stages of bone loss from osteoporosis, you may not have any symptoms. As your bones become weaker, you might experience:

  • Back pain
  • Slouched posture
  • Loss of height
  • Frequent fractures

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation for osteoporosis at Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain if you have any symptoms of the condition. You may also benefit from osteoporosis screening if you’re a woman who went through early menopause or if you have a family history of premature bone loss.

Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain offers bone density tests on-site to confirm your diagnosis. This test involves low levels of X-rays that measure the mineral content of your bones.

If the test reveals that you have osteoporosis, the providers create a treatment plan to slow down the progression of your bone loss to prevent additional complications.

How is osteoporosis treated?

Your treatment plan for osteoporosis may include medications that reduce the rate at which your bones break down. There are also medicines available that stimulate your body to produce new bone tissue.

Women in menopause may benefit from hormone therapy. Taking estrogen can help you maintain your bone density to reduce your risk for fractures.

Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain can also suggest lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight to take unnecessary pressure off of your bones. If you smoke, the providers can offer resources to help you quit for good.

You should take precautions to avoid falls by wearing supportive footwear and keeping your home clutter-free.

To schedule an osteoporosis screening, call the Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain office nearest you, or book an appointment online today.

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