Your Pain Care During The Coronavirus Crisis


There is no need to suffer increased or added pain

We know our patients are in pain and as an Essential Business in health care, the entire staff at Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain is dedicated to REMAIN OPEN to help. In response to recommendations for medical care, we are taking precautions to ensure our valued patients and employees remain safe.
Keep in mind, even in a shelter-in-place area, you can go out for supplies and essential services like medical appointments.
Medical appointments and procedures are considered essential services and are exempt from shelter-in-place orders, which are imposed to maximize social distancing. The Centers for Disease Control advises that unless you’re experiencing symptoms like cough, fever or shortness of breath you should keep your appointment.

Our Clinics Are Safe and Sterile

We are taking every measure to ensure your visit to our clinic is safer than going to the grocery store or the emergency room.
Sick people or anyone with symptoms are not allowed inside our clinic. We are taking extra cleaning and disinfecting measures to wipe down and sanitize all parts of our office many more times a day to keep it safe and sterile for you.

There have been no Coronavirus cases at any MAS facility, and our staff is closely monitored to ensure that they’re healthy and not infected.

Limited People and Social Distancing

We limit the number of people allowed in our clinics, only essential staff and a small number of patients are spread out to avoid physical and close contact.

You also can choose to wait outside or in your car and we can call your cell phone when we are ready for you.
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Telemedicine Is Available For Eligible Patients

For at risk/elderly patients and those with illness or symptoms may quality for remote visits via Telemedicine. This technology means we can conduct your appointment without you having to leave the safety and comfort of your home. Call 302-392-6501 or contact your closest MAS clinic today to check if you qualify for Telehealth options.

More Information on Coronavirus/COVID-19

To learn more about how to protect and safely care for yourself and your family members, Mid Atlantic Pain & Spine has issued details about how to keep safe in the current pandemic.
At MAS, the health and safety of our patients and employees is priority No. 1. We’re dedicated to providing you with both excellent care and peace of mind. 

The outbreak of the coronavirus has turned everyday life upside down, with schools and restaurants closed and public gatherings canceled. People are encouraged to stay home to keep the virus from spreading. So you might be asking yourself, “What about my doctor appointment? Should I still go?”

The short answer: Yes. If you’re not sick, keep your appointment. Basically, you’re safer in one of our clinics than you’d be in a grocery store or the emergency room.

But if you have a fever, cough or shortness of breath, or have been traveling outside the country, please call the clinic to determine what the next step should be.

And for elderly patients or those who are sick or have immunity issues, they may be eligible for Telemedicine – a visit conducted via telephone or video conference. Call the clinic for details.

There have been no coronavirus cases at any MAS facility, and our staff is closely monitored to ensure that they’re healthy and not infected. We’re also limiting the number of employees in the building to those who are essential to providing you with the best possible care. Everyone else is working from home.

We’re checking all patients entering our clinics; patients thought to be at any risk of carrying the virus will have their appointments moved to a later date. Also, we’re capping the number of patients allowed in the waiting room and asking patients to limit the number of people accompanying them for their visit.

Once inside the clinic, patients are asked to spread out to keep contact to an absolute minimum. And the waiting area is wiped down and disinfected multiple times throughout the day. You also can provide your phone number and wait outside the office until it’s your turn.

Our state-of-the-art infection-control system is an extremely effective deterrent to all germs, bacteria and viruses. We’re using hospital-grade cleaners and sanitizers after each patient’s visit to keep the facility sterile and safe. All surfaces and items that might be touched during a visit are immediately wiped down, disinfected and sterilized.

We’re closely monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control to make sure we’re on top of the latest recommendations and guidance to ensure your health and safety.

And to stay safe, follow the hygiene practices you’ve surely heard about – keep your hands clean and away from your face, keep your distance from others and contain your sneezes and coughs. Remember, the coronavirus most commonly is spread by people sneezing and coughing on each other. Like the World Health Organization advises, do the five:
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Wash them often



Cough into it



Don't touch it



Keep safe distance



Stay if you can